Review: LG G4 battery charging kit – BCK-4810

One of the big selling points of the LG G4 is that, unlike its fellow flagship rivals, it has a replaceable battery, which is just as well really because its battery life is mediocre at best.

But while the majority of the world has been able to get their hands on an additional battery with relative ease – or in the case of America, be given one for free – it has taken three months for the official battery charging kit to become available here in the UK.

So what if Google’s parent company uses

Unless you’ve been walking around with your eyes closed and your head encased in a block of concrete, with a blindfold tied around it, in the dark – unless you’ve been doing that, you surely can’t have failed to have seen that Google’s created a new parent company called Alphabet.

According to Business Insider, this has been four years in the making, which you’d think is sufficient time for Google to have done some Googling of its own when it came to naming its new parent company, then realising that BMW owns a trademark and .com domain for ‘Alphabet’.

How to improve your LG G4’s battery life

After much deliberation, I recently bought an LG G4 after returning my third faulty Nexus 6 and I’m mostly happy with it, although I’m not overly impressed with its battery life, which I think is borderline acceptable.

Yes, the LG G4 does come with a removable battery – one of a few flagship phones that does – which makes for a great selling point, but it’s worth little when the phone struggles to make it through the day with moderate usage.