Auto-brightness now sucks on the LG G4

European LG G4 owners are currently receiving Android Marshmallow on their devices, which is the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system and includes some much-needed improvements and changes.

Biggest of these are the granular app permissions model and a new battery saving trick called ‘Doze’, which stops apps and services from running when a device is sat idle for extended periods of time.

But while these are core additions to Android that Google insist must be included on all devices, manufacturers are able to latch onto a big system update to incorporate their own things, for better or worse.

It’s a case of the latter when it comes to what LG has brought to the G4 with Marshmallow, which are a new ‘priority only’ notification and an overly aggressive auto-brightness setting.

Previously, when you had priority mode enabled – to silence notifications and any unwanted calls or messages – a star icon would occupy the notification bar. Now, however, there is a persistent reminder in the notification tray, because, well…

I suppose that’s not really the end of the world, nor is it as annoying as the revised auto-brightness feature, where LG seems to have ditched the adaptive solution that was introduced in Android Lollipop last year.

It still exists on other devices running Marshmallow, but now, on the G4, you can no longer set a level of brightness that you are comfortable with that it should aim for.

For example, if you set the brightness to 50%, then depending on the situation, the phone would adjust to somewhere within that range – roughly 20% either way – whereas now you have no input and it does whatever it wants to do.

The new auto-brightness is quick enough to react to ambient light changes, but it does seem to be a poor judge of what level of brightness your eyes really need, with it sometimes being far too bright.

An unnecessarily bright display also has a detrimental impact on battery life, so if you are annoyed by the new auto-brightness setting, I recommend you give Lux Auto Brightness a go.

I have previously sung its praises in a G4 battery improvement guide I wrote and it is a great solution to what is a strange and unneeded modification.

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