The 10% Google Play discount for Play Music subscribers has ended

It was never really publicised, but Google Play Music subscribers in certain countries used to get 10% off apps, movies and music on Google Play. Emphasis on the words ‘used to’ because that perk has just disappeared.

I mention it on here due to very few sites picking up on this – I did tip a well-known Android-related site who completely ignored it – plus I think I was one of the first to notice the change. So yeah, just call me Smuggy McSmug.

Anyway, since late 2015 Play Music subscribers were able to save 10% on Google Play purchases to make up for the lack of the ad-free YouTube Red service, which is intertwined with Play Music in places like the USA, Australia and Mexico.

Now in fairness, the promotion page in the UK does state the discount was only for a limited period of time, and it did run for almost 18 months, so it was hardly a narrow window of opportunity. Its removal is, however, mildly annoying.

But first, confirmation from Google Play on Twitter that the discount has indeed be discontinued.

People on Reddit also confirmed the promotion had been pulled from Canada, Russia and presumably anywhere else that does not have access to YouTube Red at the moment.

What can we deduce from this? Well maybe it means YouTube Red will soon be rolling out to a wider audience. Personally, I would rather continue with the 10% discount on Google Play.

2 comments on “The 10% Google Play discount for Play Music subscribers has ended

  1. Thanks for this post. I did wonder if I was doing something wrong as the discount wasn’t being applied. I see now that it’s just come to an end :)

  2. Just noticed this today when I went to buy an app and it wasn’t applying the discount. Had to search to find out why – and found this site vs any official google announcement. Have had Google Music Play for at least 3 years (though probably longer). It came to Canada long before Spotify did which is why I went with it (though granted still prefer it over spotify). In the end it made me question whether it was worth it to buy the app at all without the discount AND when 13% HST tax is now applied (which it never used to be) . And still no Youtube Red to make up for it.

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