About me

Hello and welcome to my bit of the internet.

My name is Dan Cross, hence the hilarious URL of this website – daniscross. Although, the site name probably has more to do with me being an occasional grumpus than carefully choosing a domain name.

I started this site to help fill the void of running while I was injured. So who knows, maybe I will lost interest once I am back out on the trails? Or maybe this will be the start of something epic?

This site is about running. Nothing specific, but expect to see how-to guides, training updates, race reviews and other running-related things I can think of.

There will be an emphasis on long distance stuff like ultra marathons, because as I get older and slower, I have decided to go further. Plus ultras tend to have aid stations full of sweets and fizzy pop.

I hope you find something of interest on this site and thanks for stopping by.

Dan Cross