How I fixed my Shokz headphones from rattling

Fixing the dreaded Shokz rattle is quick and easy

I recently dropped my AfterShokz headphones. It wasn’t from a great height or on to a hard surface, but it was enough for the left earpiece to start rattling. A quick Google search and trawling through Reddit suggests this is a common issue.

I’ve contacted Shokz twice in the past fortnight and… nothing. No reply and no response when I publicly shamed them on Twitter either. I’m unimpressed, can you tell?

Besides the rattling, my headphones work fine. So I’m reluctant to bin them and since Shokz can’t be bothered to reply to me, I thought I would fix it myself. Having done just that, I’m here to say it’s quick and easy, so here’s what I did.

Obviously if you follow this, then you do so at your own risk. Don’t blame me if you break your headphones.

What you need

  • Mouldable glue (Sugru)
  • Screwdriver or drill bits (various diameters)
  • Toothpick or paperclip

Step 1: Make a hole

Place the faulty earpiece on a flat surface. If you have something to hold it still, even better. You need to bore a hole into it from the outside.

Sounds nuts, right? But if you do it slowly, carefully and with a bit of pressure, you should be able to penetrate the plastic. I recommend starting with a screwdriver or drill bit with a small diameter. Then do it again with a larger piece to make a decent hole.

Hole made into the Shokz earpiece to fix the rattle issue
Carefully make a hole in the earpiece

I used a T-handle ratchet screwdriver, starting with a 1.5mm slotted head, then worked my way up in stages of 3, 4, 5 and 6mm to get a large enough gap.

Note: If the faulty earpiece is the on the left – where the multifunction control button is – then make your hole towards the top. You don’t want to accidently pierce the electric gubbins.

Step 2: Shove in some Sugru

Take a small bit of Sugru and push it into the hole. This stuff is surprisingly supple, so you should be able to put two or three pea-sized amounts in the hole.

Faulty Shokz headphone with Sugru inserted into it. Fixing the rattle issue
Insert some Sugru and let it set

If you have difficulty getting it in, use a toothpick of paperclip. You can also use either to get an even finish (unlike my attempt) by scraping off any excess.

Sugru can take up to 24 hours to set, so give it a day or so before using your headphones. This should, however, fix the rattling issue.