Review: The Salomon Pulse Handheld is bad – don’t buy it

It's one of the most cumbersome and frustrating handheld flasks on the market

How hard can it be to make a handheld flask for runners? Just ask Salomon, because they have made one of the worst running accessories I have ever used – the Pulse Handheld.

Let me get the positives out of the way first.

The zipped pocket works OK and you can carry a few gels and a set of keys. It also has a comfortable soft band that wraps around your wrist and securely stays in place.

Now on to the negatives.

It’s stupidly difficult to fill up

Don’t use the Salomon Pulse Handheld if you think you may need to fill it up while on the go. It is impractical and will test your patience like nothing else.

Filling up the Salomon Pulse Handheld

You can’t – I will repeat this for added emphasis – you can’t fill up the soft flask and then insert it into the polyester case.

Instead, you need to scrunch the flask and then poke it through the small, sturdy, non-elasticated hole at the top.

Filling then has to be done with minimal pressure being applied, because if you so much as breathe on the case while holding it, you will end up with a wet hand.

Annoyingly and somewhat misleadingly, the flask can hold up to 500ml, but you only get about half of this as the case doesn’t expand as you pour your drink in.

And once you have done that, its finally time to screw the cap on. Yet more frustration as the gap is only slightly wider than the opening of the flask, due to the material getting in the way.

The procedure is like trying to assemble a nuclear warhead. You try not to cross thread it, while also being gentle not to squeeze it, otherwise you get a soggy hand and have to start all over again.

An unnecessary solution

The person in the video below has the right idea. You should be able to fill up the flask before inserting it into the case. His solution is to cut a hole in the storage compartment and slip the flask in.

I tried this method and while it worked fine for a couple of weeks, the case began to fray where I had made the incision. In the end, I binned my Pulse Handheld and bought a different one.


There are much better handheld flasks to choose from. I currently use the Camelbak Ultra Handheld, and another to consider is the Ultimate Direction Clutch 5.0.

Both are leagues ahead of this stinker from Salomon. Avoid.