Going Strava-free for February

I'm not ready to go completely sans-Strava, but I'm looking forward to a break at least

I’ve been thinking about how I use Strava recently and I’ve concluded that it’s not very productive. So for February, I’ve decided to make my activities private and see what effect it has.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Strava. I think it’s a mostly positive social network and the accountability and encouragement from followers is a great way to build consistency into your routine.

Unfortunately, like a lot of online platforms, it can also affect your self-perception if you’re frequently comparing yourself to others or how you’re portrayed on it. This is where I’m at the moment.

I’m finding Strava is starting to dictate my running and I’m overthinking things. Like what to call my runs and even considering what the route map will look like. Who cares? Me, for some reason!

What frustrates me the most, however, is the constant checking of my watch and rather than enjoy the run, I’m monitoring the average pace and how I might justify it later.

I’ll set out with the best of intentions, but often disregard them when I see the last split was slow. Never mind I was wading through ankle-deep mud and stumbling over styles, because now I either pick up the pace or consider a post-run excuse.

It’s a silly and unnecessary situation, and one that’s detrimental to my training. So that’s why I’m going private on Strava for February.

I’ll still upload my activities for long term use, but also because I’m currently doing the Centurion One Slam event and my progress is synced via Strava. Otherwise, it’ll be a complete blackout for me.

Even if this only temporarily stops the comparison and inadequacy cycle, that’ll be a welcome break. I’m also looking forward to being more present in my runs and taking in my surroundings.

It all sounds rather liberating.