What are those numbers on the side of Hoka shoes?

S, V, W and C - what do those letters and numbers mean?

If you have bought a pair of Hoka running shoes recently, you may have seen some numbers and letters on the inside of the midsole. Below is a list of what they mean.

SThe ‘spring’ of the shoe. How far off the ground in millimetres the toe and heel sections are
VThe volume of the midsole cushion in cm³ (cubic centimetres)
WThe weight of the shoe in grams
CThe carbon plate version number

And below are some shoe examples.

Clifton Edge36 x 20734246
Torrent 233 x 16395270
Challenger 637 x 30641276
Mach 439 x 25642238
Clifton 834 x 22655250
Rincon 338 x 24603215
Kawana35 x 32712288
Speedgoat 535 x 21651284
Arahi 633 x 23667269
Zinal32 x 19490242
Stinson 642 x 33809332
Cielo X LD12 x 45211104
Cielo X MD14 x 49173126

It’s worth emphasising that the ‘spring’ measurement is the curvature of the shoe – not the heel-to-toe drop (normally 4-5mm). Hokas have a signature rocker feel to them, hence why something like the Mach 4 has a difference of 14mm from back to front.

With regards to the carbon plate numbers, these currently range from C001 to C003. Below is a list of what plate is in each shoe. And yes, the stats are the same for both Carbon X shoes!

ShoeSpringVolumePlate no.
Carbon X 241 x 36728C001
Carbon X 341 x 36728C001
Rocket X40 x 15612C001
Bondi X35 x 30884C002
Tecton X36 x 26701C003

How is this information useful? Well the more you know, the more informed a decision you can make about which shoe is best for you.

This only really applies if you are browsing for shoes in an actual shop of course. Remember those?


Beverly Mceachern 1 Apr 2022

How to remove the numbers off the side of the shoes?? Thanks

Dan Cross 1 Apr 2022

I’m curious to know why, but something alcohol-based would probably work. Probably not great for the foam, though.