What are those numbers on the side of Hokas?

Understand what those numbers mean on the inside of recent Hoka shoes

If you have bought a pair of Hoka running shoes recently, you may have seen three sets of numbers on the inside of the midsole. Below is a list of what each one means.

LetterWhat it is
SThe ‘spring’ of the shoe – how far off the ground in millimetres the toe and heel portions are
VThe volume of the midsole cushion in cm² (centimetre squared)
WThe weight of the shoe in grams

And below are some examples. All the shoes listed are UK size 9 (mens).

Clifton Edge36 x 20734246
Torrent 233 x 16395270
Challenger ATR 637 x 30641276

As you can see, most have a difference of about 7mm in the toe and heel. This is what gives the shoes the signature Hoka rocker feel.This is not to be confused with the heel-to-toe drop, which is usually 4mm.

Unsurprisingly, the Clifton Edge with its extended heel has a lot of volume. Despite this, it still manages to remain rather light at just 246 grams.

How is this information useful? Well the more you know, the more informed a decision you can make about which shoe is best for you.

This only really applies if you are browsing for shoes in an actual shop of course. Remember those?

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