What are those numbers on the side of Hokas?

Understand what those numbers mean on the inside of recent Hoka shoes

Dan Cross

If you have bought a pair of Hoka running shoes recently, you may have seen three sets of numbers on the inside of the midsole. Below is a list of what they all mean.

SThe ‘spring’ of the shoe. How far off the ground in millimetres the toe and heel sections are
VThe volume of the midsole cushion in cm² (centimetre squared)
WThe weight of the shoe in grams

And below are some examples. All the shoes listed are UK size 9 (mens).

Clifton Edge36 x 20734246
Torrent 233 x 16395270
Challenger ATR 637 x 30641276

As you can see, most have a difference of about 7mm in the toe and heel. This is what gives the shoes the signature Hoka rocker feel.This is not to be confused with the heel-to-toe drop, which is usually 4mm.

Unsurprisingly, the Clifton Edge with its extended heel has a lot of volume. Despite this, it still manages to remain rather light at just 246 grams.

How is this information useful? Well the more you know, the more informed a decision you can make about which shoe is best for you.

This only really applies if you are browsing for shoes in an actual shop of course. Remember those?

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